Monday, July 30, 2012

SM Cycle 2 W3D1--Squat 4s

See for yourself HERE what the lifts were SUPPOSED to be today.

Yeah... didn't happen.  Squats are seriously, SERIOUSLY sucking right now.

Saturday, July 28, 2012

Week 2 Comparison

Cycle 1
Cycle 2

Squat 12s
280x7; 250x10; 210x12
292.5x5; 255x5; 225x6
Tough to say that this was an improvement.  My knees have been stiff and in pain for a while now.  Father Pathway says it may be due to form issues.  I need to pay close attention to this problem.

Press 4s
142.5x7; 145x6; 147.5x6 
157.5x4; 150x6; 140x7 
This, at first, looks like an easy call: Improvement.  But when I consider that I only started that low on Cycle 1 because the programming told me to, and when I do the total amount lifted, it becomes a tough call.  Cycle one is a total of 2752.5, while Cycle 2 is only 2510.  This is actually kind of depressing.  

DL 20s
292.5x22 in 4:23
315x20 in 3:59
No contest: Improvement.  Also, I was in much less pain the following day this time around.  Once again, the Deadlift swoops in and saves the day so that the whole week is not a total loss.

Bench Singles
265x1; 270x1; 275x1
245x1; 265x1; 280x0
I am very disappointed about this one.  Going off my pre-workout drink and being super tired from the night before notwithstanding, 35 days separated the 275 attempt and the 280 attempt.  I should've have it.  Not pleased.

All in all, I think I am still improving--but this week's comparison is not NEARLY as clear cut as the last one.  For those of you who know me, you won't be surprised I am contemplating TM again.

SM Cycle 2, End of Week 2

I benched today--singles--and felt super tired.  There was a little over 14 hours between DL 20s and Bench singles.  I did 245 and then 265.  I tried for a +5lb PR at 280, but it crushed me.  I think my bench is getting weaker.  I am not taking my pre-workout anymore (giving my kidneys a rest) and I was tired from DLs, but I still think 280 should've been closer, if not easy.  275 was over a month ago!!

I think, Perhaps, I should do some kind of combination of SM and TM--I don't know.  No Bench improvement (at least on Singles) is frustrating.

Friday, July 27, 2012

SM Cycle 2 W2D3 -- DL 20s

I had DL 20s today.

The programming called for 300x20... I did 315x20 in under 4 minutes, with a little gas left in the tank to spare.  I did the first 10 without stopping.  I rested maybe 20 seconds, did 5, rested 20 seconds, 3, 10 seconds, 2.  It was awesome!  It took me 5 minutes to do 292.5x22 last cycle, and I was much more beat and tired after that last time.

Hatch squats were miserable for the third week in a row. My knees and quads have just not been the same for a few weeks now.

Thursday, July 26, 2012

SM Cycle 2 W2D2

Press 4s: 157.5x4; 150x6; 140x7
Dips: 10 @ BW (240); 2x5 @BW+25
Shrugs: 135x10; 225x10; 325x5; (with straps) 365x5

Monday, July 23, 2012

Selfless Service Turns Squat 12s in 5s

Helped some people move their heavy sh-stuff into their new apartment before squatting. Squats for 12 at 292.5, 255 and 225 became squats for 5 or 6 at those weights. Bleh.

Dropped down to just one set of Kroc Rows and started doing Barbell Rows again.

Sunday, July 22, 2012

Cycles 1 and 2 Comparison: Week 1

Week one of SM Cycle 2 is done.  Let's compare week 1 of the two cycles and see if progress has been made:

Squat Singles
On squat day last month, I set a new PR of 370lbs.  Since then, I have set a PR of 375, but that was later in cycle 1 after DL singles.  This week, I failed miserably to set a PR, and in fact struggled to barely lock out 350.  Progress has been made, I think I am just having a bad week for squats.

Press 12s
Cycle one: I got 120 for 13; 105 for 12; 95 for 16.
Cycle deux: 132.5 for 10; 117.5 for 12; 100 for 15.
I think this counts as progress.  12.5 pound jump balanced against a 3 rep reduction for set one; 12.5 pound jump with no rep +/- on set two; and a 15 pound jump with one rep reduction for set three.  I'll take it.

DL 4s
Cycle 1: 397.5, 377.5, 357.5
Cycle 2: 407.5, 387.5, 365.
+10, +10, +7.5 -- I cannot stress enough how much easier it felt to do 3x4 this week than it did a month ago. I about died last cycle. Plus I was in quite a bit of pain the next few days, which is not the case this time around. I am definitely adapting and improving on DL.  

Bench 20s
Cycle 1: 175 and 150 x 20; 135 x 25
Cycle 2: 192.5 x 17 and 13; 165 x 20; 145 x 23.
I am happy with this progression.  Set one saw a 17.5 pound increase against a 3 rep reduction; set two was a 15 pound increase with no rep +/-; and set three saw a 10 pound increase with a 2 rep reduction.  "I am strangely comfortable with it."

Verdict: Positive.
Decision: Stick with SM.  The Texas Method can wait.

Saturday, July 21, 2012

To Switch or Not to Switch

I contemplated switching to the Texas Method earlier today.  I wrote down all my reasons and when I re-read them it sounded an awful lot like a whiny turd had possessed me.  I decided to give it a day or two and decide later.

SM Cycle 2 W1D4

Bench 20s
Actual (Programmed)
192.5 x 17 (192.5x20) Dang! 192.5 x 13 (N/A) Punishment after some rest.
165 x 20 (165x20)
145 x 23 (137.5x20)

Not bad.

Other Lifts
DB Bendh 7 w/90s
DB Press 5 w/65s; 6 w/60s, 50s.

Friday, July 20, 2012

SM Cycle 2 W1D3

Spouse had her sister in town--she elected to no-show today.

DL 407.5, 387.5, 365 all for 4

Felt so easy, I decided to try for a PR on Squat 1Rm for the third workout in a row--same result: garbage. Someday I'll learn to just stick to programming.

Did a set of pull-ups, only got 7 so I just called it a night. Boo. DLs felt good though, so it wasn't a total loss. Knees feel stiff and painful during both DLs and Squats. I have been standing a lot during my job--dunno if that is the culprit.

Seriously considering just starting my cut right now... I am sure this will pass after a night's sleep and I have an awesome Bench 20s day tomorrow--but I just feel awful right now. It is like I am getting fat to get strong, but I am not getting stronger anymore--so I am gettin fat and unhealthy for nothing. Grrrr.

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

SM Cycle 2 W1D2

Press 12s
132.5 only got 10
117.5 got 12
100 got 15

BW(240) x 15
+25 x 5
+25 x 6


My wife did presses with 20 and 30 pound bars, and also did some assisted dips. It was good work.

Monday, July 16, 2012

SM Cycle 2 W1D1--Squat Singles

Today, a 1RM PR test (Was hoping for 380+) on squat turned into a struggle to get my PR -25# up (350). NOT pleased.

I did a few chins but no rows.

Mrs. Joose tried squatting for the first time, though. That was a bright spot on the day.

Saturday, July 14, 2012

SM Week 4 Day 4--Bench 4s

I did bench today.
235x4, 225x5, 225x4 (all with pauses at the bottom a la proper Powerlifting form)
Dumbbell bench with 95s x 8, 6.
OHP with dumbbell 60s x 10, 8, 6.

Quite a bit of elbow pain, but it dissipated a bit more quickly than normal--even without Vitamin I (I am out of it :-/ )

Oh, I did some push-ups, too.  :-D

Friday, July 13, 2012

SM Week 4 Day 3--DL 12s

Volume Deadlifts: 12x335, 295; 15x275!!

I also did some volume squats: 10x225, 8x245, 6x265, 4x285.

It was a good day, with limited elbow pain. I bloody needed this day to be a good one.  Some right knee discomfort before and after, but nothing serious.

Other lifts:
Pull-ups 2x10@BW (240), 1x4@BW+25
One Arm Dumbbell Rows 100s x 20, 12 (each arm)

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

SM W4D2 (Revisited) -- Press Singles

Earlier this year I pressed 190x1. Today I barely got 175x1 (super crazy hard grinder!) The time off due to elbow issues affected me more than I guessed. On a positive note, SM programming dictated 135 142.5 150, but instead I did 135x3, 155x1, 175x1. That is somewhat encouraging... I suppose. Dips followed: BW(240)x15, BW+25x6, BW+35x4. I am please with these. The wife bowed out of Press day... :-( We may need an intervention.

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Squat Singles Failure

Failed on two attempts for a 1RM Squat @ 385lbs.  Depressing.

This was well below the 405 goal. Not pleased.  I really thought I'd be able to squeeze out the first attempt, but poor rest and nutrition for the last few days were against me.  I sincerely believe an extra hour or two of sleep over the last three days, and one or two bigger meals, and it would have been mine.

The wife didn't join me, but hopefully she'll return and begin really enjoying it soon.

Sunday, July 8, 2012

Man Squat or Bust

I am going to try for a 405 lb Squat Single tomorrow.  My previous 1RM was last Friday with a 375 1RM AFTER a 455x1 DL.  I doubt I'll get it.  But I am going to try anyway.  I'll have my lovely wife with me--maybe the extra motivation will make a difference.

About the Man Squat... reader discretion is advised.

Friday, July 6, 2012

Lady Deadlifts

Workout with the spouse went well.  Started the sweetheart on DLs for 50lbs.  Was going to do Squats afterwards, but she felt weak in the knees.  I say good for her, pushing herself to that point!  I am proud of her and enjoyed having her with me.  I DLd 405x4, which is disappointing, but that's alright.  I planned on not doing anything so it is better than nothing.

Taking It Easy

I skipped Press Day this week, my elbows and shoulders are in quite a bit of pain.  I will probably Deadlift today, but nothing else.  I won't work out tomorrow on Bench Day either.  I'll repeat week 4 of SM next week, I'll just sub Squat Singles in, rather than do 20s again.

I am bringing my wife to the gym with me, and we'll get her started on SM too.  Normally I'd endorse her to be on SS, but I think she won't want to be on a different program than me, and I am not going back to SS.  We'll see how it goes.

Monday, July 2, 2012

SM Day 13--Squat 20s!!

Oy. 245x10, 20 second rest, 3 more. Sucks. 210x11, 30 second rest, 5 more. Sucks. 175x11, 30 second rest, 5 more, 20 second rest, 4 more. Dead.

The right side of my lower back and the outside of my right quad were cramping up like nobody's bidness. Later in the workout, when I tried to do Power Cleans, I got one rep into my first work set--after a painful warm-up--and just quit and walked out of the gym it hurt so much. Bloody snot.

I also did some chins. 10@BW (240) and then a set of 5 with 25lbs, took off the weight and busted out 3 more immediately. Then set of 3 with 25lbs, took of the weight and busted out 2 more immediately.

Elbows and shoulders are still hurting--another reason why P.Cleans were a no go. In my haste to leave, I also skipped glute bridges.

I am not sure, but I lean toward a break more and more every day. This pain is getting unbearable.

Sunday, July 1, 2012

Super Max Cycle 2

Cycle One of Super Max isn't quite done, but I am close enough that the majority of the planning for cycle two is done. Check it out here. It isn't set in stone, but it is up and ready to be ogled. Still not sure about my arms--they still hurt today--but I am going to plan like I will be able to keep going.