Saturday, March 30, 2013

DL 20s

Deadlift 20s were easy. 205 was a joke--which is nice considering my last DL 20s were 315.
Squats were not challenging either, but I am starting to feel a strained, slipping/popping sensation behind my right knee.

DL 20x205
Squats 235x5,5,6

Friday, March 29, 2013

Press "Fours"

Programming called for 3 sets of 4, starting with 135.  Did 135x7, so I went up 5# (instead of going down, per SMs MO) and stayed there.  Good times.

Press 135x7; 140x5, 5.
Dips BWx10; +10x6
Push-ups 25, 20, 15
Interval Bike Sprints

Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Squat 12s

Did 3 sets of 12 Squats at 215, 185, and 165 respectively.  While it was hard-ish, I got through it much more easily than I had anticipated.  Ease notwithstanding, I am certain the next two days hold a great deal of DOMS in store for me.

I did some chins that weren't spectacular.  I have started slowing down my descent, so I only could do 6 for my first two sets.  Was exhausted and just called it good with a third "set" of like 3.

Rows were easy, but I am keeping them low for now.  Cleans were a touch more difficult than anticipated, but I shouldn't have been surprised given the 3x12 squats.

Squat: 12x215, 185, 165
Chins: 6, 6, 3
Rows: 3x5x155
P.Cleans: 5x3x155

Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Day 4, Bench 20s

Bench 140x20; 135x20, 23.
Farmer Walks around the weight room with 75s, 85s, and 90s.
Standing Press with dumbells 40x5; 50x5; 55x3.
Shrugs 315

Sunday, March 24, 2013

SM Day 3

This cycle of SM has been hard to program for given my strength is coming back quickly, yet sporadically.

Program said DL 4x270, 225, 240. Did 300x6, 315x5 and moved on to squats due to time constraints.
Curls didn't hurt my wrist for the first time in months!

DL 300x6, 315x5
Squats 230x5,5,6

Thursday, March 21, 2013

SM Days 1 and 2


Squat 1RM Test: 315!  Only minus 65# from my PR of 380!  I was expecting it to be a lot worse.
Did some P.Cleans and Rows at 150# and did push-ups of 30, 25, and 20.


Time crunch.
Press 12 x 110, 95, 95
Dips 1x5 (yuck)

Saturday, March 16, 2013

Last Gym Day Before SM

Was in a time crunch and had some promises to keep to my wife and son--did my two hour work out in seventy-five min. Strength is coming back ├╝ber quickly. Much pleased.

Squat 225 for three sets of five.
Press 5 x 110, 115; 6 x 120
DL 5 x 235, 8 x 285

Thursday, March 14, 2013


Did my second to last workout before I go back to the Smith Method/Super Max.  SM will help me with my endurance goals relative to prep for the Firefighter test.

Today felt good, but still a LOOOONG way from where I was.  I am really enjoying Power Cleans this time around.  Love my new gym, by the way.