Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Final Workout of 2013

I am getting tired.  Tired of training.  Tired of the pain.  Tired of this blog.  The year didn't end nearly as well as I had hoped.


LBBS 3x335
Press 3x180; 3x5@165; 4x135
Rows 3x5@212.5

Low back hurt during squats--which were all Good Morning'd--I am deloading AGAIN to try AGAIN to correct the form issues.

Press was all grinders so I did a quick set at 135 for some volume after only waiting a minute or two after the final set at 165.

Saturday, December 28, 2013

Holidays: Great, Except for Training

Haven't been consistent at all.  Hopefully, I am back in the saddle.  Two workouts need to be posted.  I wish it were more, but I haven't been in the gym much at all, and I can feel the effect it is having on my strength.


LBBS 3x277.5; 3x10@230
Press 3x177.5; 135x I don't remember, and apparently I didn't write it down.  Oops!


DL 3x410; 3x355  Oof!
Bench 3x240; 185x10,10,10, 15 sec, 2; 135x20
(Except for the 20 rep set, all had better pauses than last time.)
Chins 3x8@BW

We'll see what the next few weeks have in store, but I am hoping to be more consistent.

Wednesday, December 18, 2013

High Reps: Day 2

DL and Bench were too easy.  I low balled it on my attempts to get a good 10 rep set scheme for both exercises.  It was okay, though, since I only had 45 minutes to do them in.  As such, I had to skip chins.


DL 3x405; 10x350
Bench 3x245; 3x10@185

Sorry, not a very exciting post: It is 1 AM and I am going to bed.

Sunday, December 15, 2013

Change of Pace

With elbow pain not really abating much at all, I am lowering the weight.  I am not sure for how long--I'll start with a week or two and move on from there.  This isn't a small decrease, but enough where I hope to do three sets of ten across.

I tried some test weights to see where I am at for now, with these being the results:


Press 3x175; 135x10, 9, 7
Squat 3x275; 225x10, 10, 10
Rows 3x5@210

I did some lateral raises, too, but they hurt my elbow.  I may throw in some sprints of some kind, and I think I may begin IIFYM--or I'll just stop eating like a pig and see what happens.

Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Pain and PRs!

Well, with a set back in DL and Bench (2.5# deload on DL and still had to pause between reps 4 and 5; 2.5# deload on Bench OWU and only got 1--I got 2 at this weight before), I felt the need to do something crazy (even though my left elbow already was showing signs it was going to be in pain).  I tested my 1RM on Squat.  It was at the end of a workout that included heavy DLs, so I am hoping I can actually do more, but as it stands, 2.5 was the number of the day: I got a 2½ pound 1RM PR on Squat for 387.5!!  

To Recap--PRs set since my return from hiatus:
Press: 200x1
DL: 457.5x1
Squat: 3x5@325
Squat: 387.5x1! 

Very exciting.  According to most 1RM calculators this falls over 10 pounds short of where I could/should be, but it is still a PR!  I am quite stoked!

I put 365 on the bar, and since all my dumps have come from being a bit too far forward, I sat a touch farther back than normal--and wouldn't you know it, I failed and was forced to dump backwards.  Since I have never done it, and I was barely out of the hole when it happened, I couldn't get out from under the bar and ended up just sitting down and falling backwards, pinning my arm between the rack and the 365# bar.  Quite painful--not to mention it wrenched my left elbow quite painfully.  I was able to wriggle out and unload the bar.  If I was smart, I would have just racked the weights.  Dumping 20# less than my previous PR meant no records were being set today, and with the amount of pain my elbow was in, it surely would be only foolishness to even try.  So, of course, I put 365 right back on the bar!  The second attempt was successful--although it felt a bit high--so I put 385 on it.  I had just dumped 365 a moment ago, so I decided I'd only try this once.  So, why not go for a PR?  I got out my micro-loading plates and got under the bar before I could change my mind.  The mid point stuck and I felt like I was there for an eternity.  My elbow was on fire and I could feel my form was atrocious--practically Good Morning-ing the whole dang thing.  But mercifully it started to move, and I didn't even stand all the way up before my body involuntarily moved to the rack--I just needed the weight off of my back.  It would have been red lit for sure, but I did it!

I picked up my phone to text my brother, friend, and wife (three different people, haha!) and my left arm was in so much pain I couldn't hold the phone, let alone text.  I put the phone in my lap and did it with one hand. It was super stupid--but sooo awesome!


DL 427.5x4, 30 sec, 1
Bench 267.5x1; 230x5,5,6
Squat 387.5x1
Chins 8,8,10

Sunday, December 8, 2013

Renovation Set-Backs

As previously mentioned, I have been ripping up floors, knocking down walls, demolishing bricks, and hauling debris a lot lately and combine that with inadequate rest, and you have no workouts for 11 days.  Well, I got back to it today.

I got all my squat reps.  Warm-up actually felt amazing--I was able to keep knee cave-in to almost nil.  It came back during my work-sets with a vengeance.

Press was where you could really see some back-sliding from my time off.  Squat took a ton out of me, but I was still pretty lame on Press, even without the excuses.

I did two sets of 10 reps on chins, and called it good.


Squat 3x5@325
Press 197.5x2; 175x4,3,0; 135x5
Chins 10, 10