Friday, April 15, 2016

Press PRs: Three and One Rep Maximums

I missed the Press double @ 217.5 on Monday, so I decided to try again today... and what to you know, I got a TRIPLE for my troubles!
So, why not try for a new 1RM PR, while I am it? Don't mind if I do!

Upset that I failed on 217.5x2 4 days ago, I wanted to try again.  Rep 2 went up easily enough that I decided to go for 3... and GOT IT!

An impromptu 3RM at my previous 1RM meant I HAD to go for a 1RM PR, right?  Heck yes it did! Loaded 245 onto the bar (accidentally) did some quick math, realized my mistake (I wasn't getting 245 tonight, no way), and put 235 on, instead.  It was a perfect weight... just enough grind to be barely possible, without the doubt that I might have been able to do more - the perfect attempt at a true Max Single!

It was a good day for Press!

Thursday, April 7, 2016

22 Squats for 22 Veterans

According to some statistics, 22 veterans take their own lives every day.  I am taking Untamed  Strength's Alan Thrall's challenge to do 22 bodyweight squats to raise awareness of this stat.  I am putting the end of Five Finger Death Punch's video for "Wrong Side of Heaven" at the end of the video to make this a bit more valuable than a simple act of slacktivism, so please watch it all the way to the end.

I hope you will like and share this video.  I am hoping you'll go to Alan's channel and like and share his video, and subscribe too, if you like his content.  Check out Five Finger Death Punch's powerful music video, as well.

Thank you to all those have served, are serving, or are family of those who are serving.  God bless you, and God bless The United States of America.

*As a student of one of the best political science statisticians in the country, I have to acknowledge that I know the 22 stat is pretty far off the mark.  But it doesn't matter, so please don't comment about it.  The point is clear: even 1 a week is far too many, if the reason is they didn't get the help they need, and should have had access to.  I am okay with this statistical error, if it helps.  You should be too.