Saturday, February 9, 2013

Training for the Fire Fighter Exam

So, I mentioned I added in some Cardio.  It hasn't been much, yet, but I have been doing interval style bike sprints at the end of each workout.  I'll bike on a stationary bike for a minute, then crank up the level and sprint hard for 30 seconds.  I do that for about 10-12 minutes.  Nothing special, but it is a start.

My primary reason for this is that in July I will hopefully be taking the Fire Fighter Physical Fitness test in Minneapolis--that is assuming I pass the written exam and the interview.  I love my current job, and if this doesn't work out, I'll gladly stay with them for the rest of my professional life.  They treat me well, have great programs that help me grow as a person and a professional, and I can grow with the company.  But if I got into the fire service, I'd have opportunities I wouldn't have with my current job.  I'd be paid better right away, and only be working 10 days a month!  With the other time I could go back to school, volunteer in the community, and spend more time with my family.  I could also get a second job--possibly get certified as a Personal Trainer!  Anyway--I think that a bit of cardio will go a long way in helping me do my best on the fitness test.

Here are my workouts from the last week.  I mentioned I am on an SS novice program, but I have been taking some liberties with it while I ease back into things.  For example, on Bench and Press, I have been doing higher reps to keep the weight light until I feel like it is unlikely I'll re-injure myself.

Monday 2/4/13

SQUAT 3x5x190
PRESS 95x8,8,10
DL 5x225, 275
ROWS 3x5x165

Wednesday 2/6/13

SQUAT 3x5x195
BENCH 155x10; 185x6; 135x12
CHINS 7,6,6
P. CLEANS 5x3x140

Friday 2/8/13

SQUAT 3x5x200
PRESS 3x10x100
DL 5x230, 280
ROWS 170x5,5,8

Friday, February 8, 2013

Back In Action

Well, I've been out of commission for about three months.  Injuries, starting a new job, and then just laziness--along with trying to be better husband and father (see previous comment about laziness)--has kept me away.  But I have returned!  Today marked the first week where I got a full three workouts in since the middle of OCTOBER!

I hope to stay consistent.  I'll be shooting to get back up to my original goal of 1200 by the end of July.  We'll see how it goes--I definitely need to be squatting 405 by July 1st.  The bench and DL will be much more of a stretch.  My training is back to a Starting Strength novice program--with a little interval style cardio mixed in--but more on that later.