Saturday, September 28, 2013


It drives me crazy how bi-polar I am in the gym (not to trivialize people who actually have bi-polar or manic/depressive disorders).  The slightest shift in how well I am doing/progressing can set me off spiraling into depressed frustration or lift me up into elated validation.  It is short lived, and I don't think I take it with me out of the gym, but for those 90-145 minutes, I am unbearably moody.

Today was a great day.  Except for the few short minutes after I missed my last Bench rep, I was UP the whole time.  Squat was easy, and DL was so smooth I went for a sixth rep (but I didn't push through it when it was apparent it'd be a grinder--just don't want to push DL too hard anymore--especially since I am DLing every other workout again).


Squat 5x265,280,285
Bench 2x240; 210x8,8,7
DL 5x380

Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Good Squats

I know I just said this squat deload is boring me, but today I really felt good doing my best to keep proper form.  I felt strong, even though the weight was deloaded weight.  I am glad I did it.

Press felt great, too.  The last time my work sets were at 155, I got 7, 6, and 6.  This time I got 7s across (barely--set 3, rep 7 was a grinder).  Improvement is expected, but it is nice to see it come to fruition since the last time was almost 2 months ago.

Chins were a breeze.  I pushed Curls a bit farther than usual, and I could really feel it when I got to Rows.  Rows felt pretty heavy.


Squat 5x255, 265, 270
Press 2x175; 155x7,7,7
Chins BWx5,5,8
Rows 192.5x6,6,6

With my OWU on Press leveling out at 2s, I am projected to get 200x2 by the first week of December.  I doubt I will be close to 225x1 like I had originally hoped, but I will do a couple 1RM tests in December to see how close I can get.

Tuesday, September 24, 2013

2 for 1


Squats were easy.  Did more than I planned on OWU for Press, which I think robbed me on the work-sets, but I am not too bummed about it.

Chins, as always, lost a lot of strength really quickly.


Squats 5x235, 245, 250
Press 4x172.5; 152.5x7,7,5, 25 sec rest, 0
Chins BWx10; +20x3; +10x4
Rows 190x6,6,10


Squats were easy, again.  Some minor form break down from laziness and lack of concentration.

Bench was good, but I failed on the final rep with no spotter so I had to wait for someone to come help me.

DL was mostly easy with the last rep being a touch slow.


Squats 5x245, 255, 260
Bench 2x237.5; 207.5x8,8,7
DL 375x5

I hate how quickly strength can leave you.  I am also getting bored with this squat deload, but I know it is probably one of the most essential deloads I have done.  Time will only tell, but I think some of my goals may have been pushed out to 2014.  *sad face*

Friday, September 20, 2013


I created a new audio file to play as my alarm ringtone on my phone.  It yells "You have two choices: you can sleep, or you can meet your goals."  Guess how many times this has actually worked... well since it has been 15 days since an update, I assume you guessed correctly: ZILCH.

I hit the gym today, largely in part by my excellent wife's motivation, and it wasn't too bad, although I took a long time to shake the weariness from my bones, and I was exhausted the rest of the day.

Since I was more than 2 weeks absent, I deloaded.  Everything was easy except for DLs.  DLs were hard, and my form was atrocious.  But I am back in the saddle again.  Hopefully to stay.  School and work have been ridiculously stressful, but I think I am turning a corner.


Squat 5x225, 235, 240
Bench 2x235; 205x8.8.8
DL 2x405

Here is to finishing the year strongly, and to "meet[ing] [my] goals."

Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Squat Deload, Day 1

Squat deload was easy, although there are some balance issues with the eccentric being so "slow."

Press was a touch disappointing.  I pushed for a 180xF rather than just stop at 2.  The third was a super tough grinder, which I think spoiled my work sets.

Chins, Curls and Rows were relatively easy.  A tiny bit of discomfort on curls tells me I probably will have issues on that again, soon.


Squat 3x5@225
Press 180x3; 162.5x6,5,4, 30 sec., 1
Chins (with light curls in between sets) BWx7,7,8
Rows 190x6,6,10

I will repeat the Press set, with a lower OWU.  I will start at 172.5x2 and work my way up to a 200 double!

Monday, September 2, 2013

Massive(ly depressing) Squat Deload

I have been getting a pain in my right tibia and fibula from bouncing my butt off of my legs to get out of the hole, which clearly is bad form and injurious, so I tried to have a more controlled descent with only going a touch below parallel and it proved much MUCH more difficult.  With all my nonsense bouncing, the muscles necessary for a controlled ascent out of the hole are not nearly developed enough for the weights I am using.

I tried 3x5@315 and reps 1-3 of the first set were difficult, but I had decent form.  The fourth rep form broke down, and rep 5 was quite possibly the worst rep I have ever squatted.  So, I went down to 275 and felt ├╝ber wobbly after 3 reps so I racked it and went down to 225 which was STILL somewhat difficult.  I will be deloading for 3x5@225, and going up 10lbs each workout.  I am hoping that will be enough to build strength deep in the hole.  With that, I am going to split up my DLs and do heavy 3s and middle 12s on different days, rather than the same day, and I will be DLing every other workout to compensate for lighter squats.  Hopefully that won't be too much DLing.

On Bench I failed my OWU @ 270x1.  Worksets were 7, a grinding 7, and then a disappointing 5.

DL was a monster with 400x3 and 350x12 (with rests of 20 seconds dispersed throughout).


Squat 315x5; 275x3; 225x5.
Bench 245x2; 270x0; 220x7,7,5.
DL 405x2, 20 sec. rest, 1; 350x6, 20s, 3, 20s, 3.

I worked a 12 hour shift and got inadequate sleep beforehand, but excuses don't make me feel better... I took way too long between workouts and I am just beat-up after today.  Work has been working me hard, and I am back in school.  I don't know how I am going to keep it up in the gym and be a good father/husband with all of this going on.  I guess I will just never sleep... I wish my gym was 24/7.