Thursday, February 27, 2014

Two More

I have been pleasantly consistent, but also I have been rushing through my workouts due to time constraints.  It is a trade off, I guess, but this deload/restart feels better than any I have done before.  I feel like I am content to be where I am and take my time.

I am making game time decisions with my 20 rep sets with Press and DL.  I feel like I won't benefit as much from those as much as from sets of 5.  Squats, I think, will be good to keep at the high rep sets, and bench will be good to keep light more often since I have shoulder issues from time to time.  I was already exhausted when I started my last workout and so the thought of DL 20s made me want to curl up and sleep.  I just did 2x5.  Bench sets were rushed.  With no real rest between sets, I only got 3 reps on the fifth set.
Today, Press 20s didn't sound exciting or motivating, so I did a 5x5.  Squat 5x5 felt amazing today.


DL 2x5@335
Bench 190x5,5,5,5,3
Chins 8,8,7


LBBS 235x5,5,5,5,6
Press 5x5@137.5
Rows 195x5,5,6

Sunday, February 23, 2014

Squat 20(s)

Only had like 40 minutes, so hardly any rest between sets, and I worked in warm-ups for all three exercises at the same time.

Did a set of 20 squats at 155, but the next set was much lower so I went down to 135 for my third set, and still fell short.  My legs were rubbery for the rest of the night.

Press I only did three sets due to time crunch.

Rows I only did one set.


Squat 155x20,12; 135x16
Press 3x5@140
Rows 195x5

Will go down to 135 for the next 3x20 on squats and move on from there.  Need to repeat Press and Rows.

Thursday, February 20, 2014

Three and Four

I have been trying to keep my social media footprint a little smaller day by day.  I need to focus on getting ready for the St. Paul firefighter exams and am too easily distracted.  EMT class is obviously my focus right now, but getting strong is also up there on the list.  So, for now, my blog will still be periodically updated and shared.

I feel good.  This deload has been good for me.  The belt and knee sleeves are helping, too.  High rep sets FEEL good, but I am afraid that will mean they don't DO any good.  "No pain...," as they say.

Still not sure if my belt is dialed in as far as what notch to use, and how to adjust my form, but I still feel good using it.

My first 20 Reps Press Sets were not successful, but I just over-estimated my abilities.
Bench 20s were the opposite: too easy on the first two sets, and just a touch easy on set three..  Friday will be Squat 20s.  Oh boy!

I am not sure if this high rep scheme will pay off, but I am mostly concerned with taking my time, keeping consistent, and staying injury free.


LBBS 5x5@230
Press 95x15; 85x16, 14
Rows 3x5@190


DL 2x5@330
Bench 3x20@135
Chins 8,8,7

Sunday, February 16, 2014

Aaaaand the Second.

40 plus days later, and I got my second workout of 2014 in.  Ugh.  Moving job locations and moving LIVING locations has proven to be detrimental to--well, everything.  Bought a new house.  Car died.  Bought a new car.  Ugh.  Been an eventful several weeks.

I got a belt and knee sleeves.  Jury is still out on if I like them (or if I am even wearing them correctly).  I found it HARDER to keep my back set with the belt on.  I loosened it one notch and it just felt like it was in the way.  I don't know if I just need to get used to it.

I am switching to more 5x5s and sets of 20 to get my endurance/fat burning up.  Firefighter Physical Agility Testing will be here before I know it, so I really need to get into the RIGHT kind of shape.

I am sore as heck right now--had two workouts last week (Thursday and Saturday) and DOMS are here with a vengeance.  I started low, too.


LBBS 5x5@225
Press 5x5@135
Rows 3x5@185


DL 2x5@325
Bench 3x225; 4x5@185
Chins 7, 8

I can't care about my 1200 goal right now.  That kind of strain on my body will just keep me in pain and not progressing towards the goals that will allow me to support my family.  When the snow is gone, I'll be adding stair runs to my DL days, too.