Sunday, September 13, 2015

More PRs, Failures, a Week Off and a Lazy De-Load 8/24 - 9/12/15

I have quite a bit of calendar to recap for you here, and I am not sure I remember everything... I don't keep fabulous notes in my log anymore - mostly just numbers.

The last few weeks saw and All-Time PR in Squat, Bench and Press, and a MASSIVE failure on a 1RM attempt in DL which led to some serious back pain and no Squats or DLs for several days (actually, as I am writing this, I have yet to Squat or DL since that day).

Squat, I set an PR for sets of reps, sorta.  My previous 3x5 RM was 325.  I did another 3x5 @ 325, but added a sixth rep at the end of set three.

Bench, my previous 1RM PR was 275, set back in 2012, so I added 2.5 lbs to the bar and got it for a new 1RM PR.

Press, my previous 1RM PR was 200, set almost exactly 2 years ago, so I added 2.5 lbs to the bar.  On my first attempt, since I have been pressing for 10s lately, and only have done a heavy double once all Summer, my body just naturally did a mini push-press/knee kick without me really thinking about it, due to the weight.  I felt pretty unhappy with myself - I have never gotten a PR on a second attempt if I miss it the first time - but since I got it up, and didn't fail the lift due to weight, but due to "red" lights, I was confident that I'd get it a second time.  I set up and got it for another 1RM PR.  Technically, because my feet moved, it was a "red lit" lift again, but for a garage lift in squishy shoes, I am counting it.

DL, the math indicated I should be able to get 500, so I set up for 485, planning on gauging my ability to hit 500 by how hard 485 would be, and it barely came off the floor, and that is where it stopped.  I knew, almost immediately, that I had hurt myself, too.  I haven't squatted or DL'd since (8/27).

I set my Bench PR after the DL/Back injury, and my benching back-arch hurt badly.  I also set my Press PR 2 days after Bench, and that hurt my back too (I wasn't about to waste my last workouts with my workout partner before he went back to college), so I did nothing from 9/3 to 9/9, hoping I'd rehab my back a bit.  My back felt good enough to try some light Power Cleans on 9/9, but since then, my back has been a bit iffy, so today I left off the Squats again.  I guess I shouldn't have titled this post "deload" since I didn't actually DO ANY squats, haha.

I have a new program I am going to try out this fall - I wrote it myself (as much as anyone who has been trying programs from other people for years can call it "myself" - I am obviously heavily influenced by SS, TX, MC, SM, etc).  I'll fill you in next post... here is the recap of the last few weeks:


Squat 325x 5, 5, 6
Press 115x 10, 11, 12
Chins BWx10; +25x5, 5; BWx9


DL 1x455; 0x485
Bench 235x5, 6
DB Bench 14, 10 w/80s
Chins BWx10; +25x5, 5; BWx9


Press 120x10, 11, 13
Chins BWx11; +25x6; +35x4; BWx10


Bench 277.5x1; 235x5, 5, 5
Chins BWx10; +25x6; +35x4; BWx10


Press 202.5x1; 125x10, 10, 13
Chins BWx10; +25x7, 6; BWx10


P.Cleans 5x3@145
Push-ups 20
Banded Push-ups 15, 15
Double Banded Push-ups 4
Chins BWx10, 9
Rows 207.5x5


Press 147.5x5, 5, 7
Chins BWx4, 5; +25x5; +35x5, 4