Sunday, June 23, 2013


Had a half hour before I needed to shower and get ready for work... so I did Squats and Bench concurrently and skipped everything else.  Yup--no need to re-read that.  I said "CONCURRENTLY!"  I would do a warm-up set of one, then go do a warm-up of the other... and kept going until I was doing work-sets of each.  And, since on Bench days I am doing squat 10s, Bench suffers.  I think I need to deload more because I BARELY got my 3x6 on this deload.  OWU was only 7.5# short of my last 1RM test.

I was exhausted and sweating like nuts for the rest of the day.  Squats 10s are really starting to hurt as the weight increases... but they hurt so good, you know?  My first attempt at a set of 10 was at 260, when I first started this new program, and I only got 5.  260 is now only 1 week away if my progress stays constant!


Squats 3x280; 2x10@245
Bench 1x247.5; 3x6@215

I am going to deload further to 200 lbs. on Bench.  As long as my OWU keeps going up, my ego will be able to absorb the big deload--a la Presses right now.  Combined with micro-loading and heavy OWUs, I am hoping a drastic deload of this magnitude will really kick-start some good progress.

Friday, June 21, 2013

Press 2RM

It was a short workout today with family plans starting early.  It was only long enough for Squats and Presses, but that was enough for a great workout!

Squats were supposed to be 3x3@310, but being so close, I couldn't resist going with three wheels.  Got 3x3--piece of cake.

Press 1RM of 180, with a failure at 182.5, was set back on May 1st.  Last week I did 180x3 and today I got 182.5x2!  I am very pleased!  I wanted to get 7 on my third work-set with press, like I have the last several Press sessions, but I barely got 6 up.  I was not satisfied so I waited 10 seconds and hit a single, then waited another 10 seconds and hit another single.
That made me feel a bit better.

No Dips or Shrugs, but that doesn't bother me--I had a great workout and a great day with my family.


Squats 3x3@315
Press 182.5x2; 152.5x6,6,6 (10 sec pause) 1 (10 sec pause) 1

So, if I am not mistaken, and no injuries or other unforseeables get in the way of me getting in every workout, July 22nd will see two very big PRs for me on Press: a 200 lbs. 1+RM, and 3x5@170 lbs.  I hope I did not just jinx it.

Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Bench Failure

I was exhausted after Squat and totally bombed on Bench.  Barely got my OWU up, and went 4,3,3 on work-sets.  I failed on rep 4 of set three without a spotter, so I had to lower it to my chest and wait for a couple of seconds for someone to run over.  My chest has been in pain ever since... not sure if it is superficial or internal... I am a bit nervous--and apparently an idiot.

I will deload bench and move to micro-loading.  We'll see how that goes.  As with the Press, I will continue to increase my OWU--no deload for that.  Next Bench workout will be 247.5xF and 3x6+@215


Squat 3x275; 240x10,10
Bench 1x245; 230x4,3,3
Chins BWx10,10,8
Rows 200x6,6,8

Sunday, June 16, 2013


Today I felt AMAZING!  It was day 2 on C4 pre-workout supplements, and that may have had an effect, but whatever it was, I felt Über awesome.

Squats were pretty easy, although I kept the third set to three reps this time.

DLs felt great!  A heavy set of 12s on deadlift is the best feeling in the WORLD!

I got THREE reps on Press OWU (which was my 1RM only 45ish days ago!) and still got my (lately) traditional 6,6,7 on my work sets!  I can't express how vital my OWU going up has been to me not jumping ahead of my planned deload.  At this pace, 3x5@170 will be the middle of July and will fall with ease!  And in the same workout 200x1 will likewise be in the books!!  CRAZY!  I'll be pressing my BW in no time!!  AGH!  I am super excited about how smoothly things are going!

I can't express how good this felt.  All day afterwards, until about 10PM, I was just going going going.... then I just CRASHED at 10PM.  I am dead tired and going to bed.


Squat 3x3@305
DL 1x375; 12x320
Press 180x3; 150x6,6,7
Dips BWx12; +40#x6,6

I am really enjoying this new program.

Friday, June 14, 2013

Starting Strength -- Strength Standards Tables... Where do you fall?

Here are Mark Rippetoe's 1 Rep Max Strength Standards Tables.  He has all sorts of disclaimers about them (some useful, others meaningless) but if just for fun, check them out and see where you stand.

If anyone out there actually both reads my blog and does these lifts, post a comment where you fall on the tables.  Then set a goal for where you'll be in 6 months!

At the 220 weight class (I am a little bit heavier than that, but not by much) I am, in order of Press, Bench, Squat, DL, and Power Clean, Categories IV, III, III, III, and III.

Press: I JUST squeaked into Cat IV, so making Cat V in six months would be quite a feat... maybe I could make it a goal to get down to 198# class?  I dunno... just thinking "out load."

Bench: Making Cat IV would be AWESOME!!

Squat: Squatting over 400# has been my goal for a loooooong time.  It is the MAN squat.  I think it is definitely doable by the end of the year.

DL: Likewise, DLing over 500# is the year-end goal, so Cat IV is very doable.

Power Cleans:  I am not going to set a goal, I think.  I have not cleaned in a while, and have no intentions of doing so for some time to come.  Oh well.

So, Goal Recap: be at the 198 pound class and be at Cats V, IV, IV, IV, and Who Knows (for P.Cleans)?

Thursday, June 13, 2013

Week 2, Day 2

Squats felt a bit heavier than I had expected.  For the first time in a while I didn't have a '+' on my last set of Bench--I just got the three sets of five.  The sixth rep on set three felt good coming down, but I just hit a wall on the way back up.  I was not surprised, though... the first set felt particularly heavy.  My first stall on Bench is probably not too far down the road, so I will have those micro-loading plates ready to go soon.
I seriously considered going for a double on my OWU, but I didn't have a spotter and didn't want to take away from my work-sets.  Probably for the best considering how hard the work-sets ended up being.
For the record, I just did a 3x5 at the same weight I tested as my 1RM on April 1st!!

I started a cycle of C4 pre-workout today... we'll see if it has an effect.  I couldn't really tell today.

Rows are still going strong, so I am upping my sets to 6+ rather than 5+.  I'll be rowing 200 on Tuesday!

All in all, I am glad that my shoulders, elbows, and lower back seem to be holding up relatively well.  Sleep and nutrition continue to be problematic.


Squat 3x270; 2x10@235
Bench 1x240; 225x5,5,5
Chins BWx10; +30x5,5
Rows 195x5,5,8

The family is having a reunion in SoCal the first week in July, so I have been tempted to switch to a higher rep scheme, and actually DOING the HIIT I keep putting in my program so I am not a completely disgustingly fat cow when we go to the beach.... but with all the good stuff going on, I am hesitant to mess it up.  I want to keep getting stronger--to heck with fat loss.

Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Week 2, Day 1

Feeling great!  Sleep and nutrition still suck, but I was able to hit everything today!

I felt weak, tired and slow on Squats, but I got all three sets of three (plus a bit more on set three--don't know what possessed me to do that!).
Press warm-up felt amazing so I did a double on my OWU!  I actually got pretty close to a third rep, but I couldn't lock it out.  It didn't take much from my work-sets, though.
Banged out some dips and shrugs afterward.


Squats 300x3,3,5?!?!
Press 2x177.5; 147.5x6,6,7
Dips BWx12 (couldn've done more!); +35x6,7
Shrugs 10x135,225; 5x275, 315.  [Strapped]: 345x10

Tweaked my left knee during my last set of shrugs... but I walked home and it doesn't feel too bad.

Saturday, June 8, 2013

Side Note: Regarding 1RMs

Side note:  I don't plan on testing my 1RM on anything for a while.  Maybe I'll test Bench when my OWU exceeds my most recent 1RM (Current OWU=235; Current 1RM=255) which will take me at least until the first week of July.

Press: who knows.  Maybe when I finally get that elusive 3x5 PR @170.  That won't be for at LEAST until the end of July--assuming I don't fail at ALL between now and then--which is doubtful.  I mean, come on... it is the Press and I, after-all.  I'd REALLY like my next 1RM to be a PR >200!

DL, maybe the same as Bench where my OWU (340 at the next workout) equals my current 1RM (405) which will probably take me into September since I only DL every fourth workout now.  I'll test my Squat 1RM when I set a new all time PR 1RM on DL (>455).  Who KNOWS how long THAT will take??

Friday, June 7, 2013

Day 3 = AWESOME!

What a GREAT day!  Finished week one off strongly and solidly.  It could be that I low balled Squats and DLs a bit, but even so, I killed it on Bench and I feel really good physically--and considering I injured myself last week, that is saying something.  And I REALLY enjoyed squatting three times in a week again!

Light OWUx3 felt easy on squats.  The first set of 10@230 felt lighter than 10@225 on Monday.  I planned on trying for 12 on set two, but I forgot and racked it after 10 without even thinking.  Oops!

OWU on Bench felt like I could've done 2 or 3 easily.  The first set of 5@220 made me a bit nervous--but I guess I was still just not all the way warmed up as sets 2 and 3 were easier.

Pull-ups suck.  They just do.  They really hurt my shoulders, so I am switching 'C' Days to have chins as well as 'A' days... just without added weight.

First set of Rows felt heavy, but I think it was just another case of poor warm-up because the rest went just fine.


Squat 3x265; 230x10,10
Bench 1x235; 220x5,5,6
Pull-ups 1x9
Chins 9,8
Rows 190x5,5,8

All in all, I like my new programming thus far.  It'll take a month or two to really see if I am getting anywhere.  But I it bears repeating:  Squatting three times a week again feels AMAZING!!

Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Day 2 of New Program

I really enjoyed today's workout.  I did have a time crunch, so I didn't get to dips, but everything else was awesome.

Squats felt iffy on the first set, but the next two felt like a breeze.  I decided to not use the cambered bar.
DLs were a joke.  It felt really good to do a set of heavy(ish) 12, though.  The OWU was easy, too... it should be, I suppose--I could probably do 5 or 6 at that weight.

Press was good, but I was hoping I could do a bit more than I did at the deloaded weight, but I am not unhappy with it because I felt like I could have done the OWU for two, and it was only 5lbs under my most recent 1RM!

I have been really focusing on form with this new program--especially with Squats and DLs.  I felt pretty good today in that regard.


Squats 3x3@295
DL 1x355; 12x315
Press 1x175; 145x6,6,7

Monday, June 3, 2013

New Regimen Plus Squats and Bench

I am just not getting enough sleep.  My work schedule sucks so badly, and I haven't noticed much difference with the CPAP, yet, if any.

I was exhausted today during my workout... squats sucked, and had me reconsidering my break from Pre-Workout supplementation.  I am switching to a new 3 day/week SS inspired workout program.  We'll see if eliminating a day will help.

I didn't work out on Saturday, as planned, because I was too tired to work out before my son's birthday party--which was awesome, thanks for asking--and had to go to work afterward.

Today I did the first day of my new Program.  I had some pretty bold numbers that had to be reevaluated on squats.  Bench did not disappoint, though.


Squats 1x270; 5;260; 10x225
Bench 1x230; 215x5,5,6
Chins BWx10; +25x5,5
Rows 185x5,5,8

NEW PROGRAM: There are four workouts (A-D), but they are rotated through, following a three days per week schedule of M, W, F or T, Th, Sa.

Squat 3xn; 2x10@m
Bench 1xn; 3x5+@m
Chins BWxF; 2xF@BW+n
Rows 3x5+@n

DL 1xn; 12xm
Squat (Cambered) 3x3xn
Press 1xn; 3x5+@n
Dips BWx12; 2xF@BW+n

Squat 3xn; 2x10@m
Bench 1xn; 3x5+@m
Chins 3xF@BW
Rows 3x5+@n

Squat (Cambered) 3x3xn
Press 1xn; 3x5+@n
Dips BWx12; 2xF@BW+n