Thursday, February 25, 2016


Well, rehab is going much better than expected, but not as well as hoped.  My back has been in significantly less pain than normal, but there is still some discomfort while doing lower body exercises, and for a short while afterward.

Starting Squat, DL, and Cleans at 135, 185, and 95 pounds respectively, and then only going up five pounds each workout with Squat and Cleans, and ten pounds with DL, is INCREDIBLY boring.  The temptation to jump more is immense - almost irresistible - but the idea of hurting myself further is abhorrent enough to keep me to be rehab regimen.

One thing that used to make me feel better, but has actually only made things worse in recent months, is cracking my back.  The feeling - nay, the FEENING to crack  my back is constant and nigh on unbearable.  I have only given in a couple of times in the last several weeks, and I think that may also be contributing to the diminished pain (the resisting, not the few times I've given in)... but the need and compulsion to crack my back has not ebbed even remotely.

Bench 3x5@260 went ever so slightly better than expected (I got a sixth rep on the third set - it was a grinder, and my shoulder hurts now, though), so I anticipate going through with my planned deload on Press: starting 3x5+@175 tomorrow.  We'll see how it goes.  I will probably work my way up to a 200# single for an OWU, just to keep the joints and muscles accustomed to the heavy weight.

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