Sunday, February 21, 2016

Slowing down; Micro loading.

Squatting hurt less after 140 and 145, and Power Cleans didn't hurt at all. But this morning I woke up with a lot of lower back pain, but it is hard to tell if that was more from Squats and Cleans yesterday, or weird sleeping positions last night/this morning.

My break-neck speed, progressing through Bench and Press, has slowed down considerably. I went to micro loading press last week, and went to micro loading bench this week. The planned weight for my last bench workout was 260, but OWU at 265 (I was planning a second heavier OWU, but decided against it) felt really heavy, so I went to 257.5, just in case. It felt heavy, as well. Sleep, diet, adding lower body back in (albeit ridiculously light), or other factors I can't think of could have contributed to it, but whatever the reasons, I don't want to push it so I am going to just take it easy with microloading.

I am back to hating the squat - mostly because my inflexibility causes me pain while squatting and I feel silly squatting such light weight - but I am looking forward to getting my DL numbers back up. With the 300lb Bench goal in the bag, I am itching to push Squat and DL past 400 and 500 respectively... I will have to make an extra effort to keep patient and not let myself push too hard or too quickly, so I can stay as healthy as possible. I must avoid all 1RM tests in Squat and DL until my work sets are to 375 and 475 respectively, I will never jump more than 5 pounds in the squat or 10 pounds in the DL, and I will begin micro loading much sooner than I normally would.

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