Tuesday, February 16, 2016

[sigh] Will the pain ever go away?

I squatted.  It was light... like 135 pounds light... and my back hurt the next morning.  Not a lot, AND the heating pad I have been using nightly broke a few days ago, so that could be it... but I am still very unhappy.  We will see what tomorrow brings when I squat 140, and DL 185.

Bench and Press continue to improve.  Tonight I did 200x4 on Press which is a HUGE PR!!  The planned workout was 3x5@192.5, but - as usual - I am an ADD riddled fool, so I threw 200lbs on the bar and tried for five.  I failed, and that failure (plus some bad form in set 2, and insufficient rest before set 4) caused me to miss rep five in the final work-set, but I am still counting tonight as a win.

I went back down to the planned weight of 192.5 and got 5, 5, and 4.  I am going to continue micro-loading to 195 next Press day and see what happens.

*BONUS* I had very little pain between my shoulder blade and lower neck/upper back/spine, where I had LOTS of pain last press session.  This is VERY encouraging!!

Still doing five pound jumps in Bench - not micro-loading yet.  I got 3x5@255 on Saturday.

Here is a video of today's Pressing:

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