Friday, October 16, 2015

Long Overdue Recap

Well, as you know, I had a relatively obnoxious injury to my back when I failed 485 on DL.  It still isn't 100%, but I took quite a bit of time off, and did some light stuff when I did get around to working out.

Now that I am working out regularly again, I am switching to some high rep work and (while it is warm and dry out - living in MN, it won't last too much longer) doing some sled work.  I am enjoying it, so far.  It is only meant to be a temporary thing (maybe until the end of the year - possibly until the end of the Winter - not sure) to continue to rehab my back.  I will transition back to heavy sets in time to prep for the Twin Ports Raw Open.  I am REALLY hoping to be ready for a 1200lb PL Total by then... if I am not, then my failure is complete.

I don't really feel like recording all the workouts I have done since then - so here is this and last weeks' workouts.


Squat 3x10@185
Bench 2x10@185
DB Bench 80s x 8
Chins BWx5,5,5


Snatch Grip DL 195x20
Press 3x10@125
Chins BWx5,5,6
Dips BWx5,5


P.Cleans 5x3@155
Bench 2x10@187.5
DB Bench 80s x 10
Rows 3x5@185

10.12.15 (Happy Birthday to Me)
Squat 2x20@135
Press 145x5,5,6
Chins BWx6,6,6
Dips BWx5,5,5


DL (Banded) 275x10
Bench 20x135, 145, 135
Chins BWx6,7,8


P.Cleans 160x3,3,3,3,4
Press 150x5,5,6
Rows 187.5x5,5,6
Dips BWx5,6,8

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